Sunday, April 30, 2006

River Running Playboats are here!!!

RX CR Pintail are in stock and ready to fly out the door so that you can enjoy river running and surfing no matter what level the river gives us this spring. We've seen high water and low water. These boats can handle it all!!!

Dagger outfitting in the RX and a pretty blue boat (other colors available). Need a little more speed than your spud? This might be the answer...

Liquid Logic CR series for the boxy boat believers who are looking for just a little more length than the ol' Pop could offer.

DragoRossi Pintail for the old school and new school. Great edge to edge transfer like the old boats, and super fast surfing for the new school. Most speed, and the most stable stern squirter of the group!

The choice is yours how you'll have fun with one of these boats!!!


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