Wednesday, May 31, 2006

power company mistake makes for whitewater fun

Who was confused by the odd internet gauge reading at Bulls Bridge this weekend?

Who was suprised that Bulls was running 2' all weekend on the painted gauge?

Who was lucky enough to be hanging around, and got to do Bulls Bridge at a fantastic level, with wonderful weather, and enjoyed surfing George's at it's best "wave" level!

The inside scoop, direct from the folks at the powerplant is that they had a minor malfunction with a turbine, and had to do a partial shut-down to fix it. So, what would normally be bypassed, taken from the river, and run through the canal, was allowed to spill into the natural riverbed, thus making Bulls Bridge run all of Memorial Day weekend.

Sorry that the engineers had to work all weekend.

Happy that we got to enjoy the water AFTER work all weekend. (insert happy smile here)


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