Friday, October 06, 2006

DragoRossi boats have arrived!

this was the scene at the shop on Thursday as a container full of boats pulled in shortly before 10am.
What excitement!
It was like opening the ultimate present.

then we got down to sorting them out by color and model; pouring over the purchase orders, and making sure that each boat had a proper home

3 boats left immediately
8 boats were unwrapped to help us fullfill our duties as an official DragoRossi demo center
about 6 boats are left for stock while the rest are already sold and ready to ship to customers

take a good look at the entire line of DragoRossi boats.
These are our demo boats, available for you when you feel the urge to get one of these for yourself.
When you think that a DragoRossi boat would be a fun thing for you to try, then you'll want to give us a call to arrange a demo.
860 672 6365


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Drago Rossi in action video & photos


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