Sunday, May 07, 2006

we are a DRAGOROSSI demo center

the month of May is a very special month. The hills that surround our shop are blooming with the many colors of spring. The Housatonic is getting warmer. The sun is shining. And, we have many of the latests model kayaks for you to demo and compare, so that you can decide which one will be your special boat for 2006.

We are pleased to announce that, through May, we are a DragoRossi demo center.

Just exactly what does that mean?......

It means that every current DragoRossi model is available for you to demo on the Housatonic River!

Stinger, a great all around playboat and river runner. A modern Disco. A classic in the making

Pintail. Super fast river running boat. Great squirts. Blazing surfs.

Fish. A true high performance machine. This boat is for serious whitewater junkies only!!! People who demand the best, go to great lengths to find this boat.

Mafia. Fast. Dry. Stable. Easy rolling. Quick turning. Everything you want in a creek boat, plus an expedition hatch, and a supplementary breathing tube. Breakaway bulkhead to save your ankles. Twin hull stiffening rods. Stern bulkhead for added strength. Multiple attachment points.

Squashtail. This is the boat that Corran Addison designed for himself. No compromises at all! Just the very best in performance and drive towards the handling characteristics that will take play to the next level.


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