Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Plastic boat repair (welding)

All makes, all models, all brands of boats can and will be broken. We've seen all sorts of warranty issues from all the boat makers.

The good news is that, even after the warranty is expired, a boat can usually be repaired and have it's life extended (so you can start saving for a shiny new boat......)

the trick is to first make a good structural repair. It will be ugly, but at least it can get you out on the water.

After the initial repair cools, then the time to pile on the extra plastic begins. Keep piling it on, layer after layer, melting melting melting. Make an oversized glob of plastic.

The giant mess can now be carved down with a shurform shaver. you can recreate the chines and edges of your boat to make it look new again.

this EZG used to look absolutely horrible! Now it looks like it will last through most of the summer so that someone can have a little more time to earn money for a new boat (with a warranty)


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