Sunday, October 08, 2006

Official DragoRossi Demo Center

Drago Rossi Fish Squashtail Mafia Stinger Pintail Thruster Critical Mass Gangster
this was the first weekend of Clarke Outdoors as an official DragoRossi Demo Center

Here you see the Squashtail and Fish. Both are excellent surfing and cartwheeling boats. The SQUASHTAILl is an absolute surfing dream; the only boat of it's kind in the whitewater world. If surfing is your thing, then it is absolutely a boat you might want to consider.
The FISH just gets better and better the bigger the water gets. Both boats are for skilled paddlers who weigh between 125 - 180 lbs.

The PINTAILl is one of those boats for when you are feeling the need for speed. It's low deck make it easy to roll, and it's long, smooth rocker, make it a super fast boat that is very predictable and stable in all water conditions. Perfect for a beginner. Excellent for the expert. It babies you in big water and catches waves on the fly on your first try.
Great for paddlers from 100lbs to 200 lbs.

The STINGER is an all around spud boat that picks up where the Disco left off. More foot room than many spuds. Fogiving enough to allow the medium sized paddlers to use it both as a light creeker and a hard-core freestyle boat. Move over scud, the real spud is back,and designed by the people who brought the Disco revolution to the kayaking world.
The THRUSTER is a pure playboat for the larger paddlers who are saying, "finally, a boat designed just for me" No more lazily "scaled up" little guy boats. The Thruster was designed, from the start, with bigger paddlers in mind. Different sized people means different design challenges and revelations.

What can I say about the creekers? The MAFIA is a meticulously designed boat that has been seen thousands of hours in the Italian Alps. It really likes the steeps.
The CRITICAL MASS is both the boat for the big paddlers as well as one of the best expedition designs ever made.
The GANGSTER/IDRA is an entry level, less expensive DragoRossi boat that has a creeking heritage, but surfs rather well. It makes an exceptionally stable beginner boat that you will can grow in; from your first roll to your first class V.



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