Thursday, May 17, 2007

fast, inexpensive kayak outfitting

a $40 piece of minicel can outfit 2 kayaks

First, get a pretty new boat. (the one you really want)

Next, get a piece of 3" wide minicell that measures 12" x 48"

Remove the pillars, and remember to take out any set screws or other hardware that is holding them in first.

Insert the block of new foam so that it tucks under the stern deck a few inches, and mark off where the back of the seat is.

also mark off where your stern pillar will insert into your new foam block performance race seat backband

make some crossing marks (you'll see what these are for later)

cut out a slot so that the foam block can fit around the stern pillar

insert the block and follow the contour of the seat to draw a line for cutting.

cut the foam along that curved line so it will fit the shape of your back much better and be comfortable.

trim away any harsh edges so you can have a rounded surface area to help support you and be able to lean back when you need to do so

here's where those other lines come in handy. If you've cut too much of a slot for the backband, then you can easily cut several wedges from the scrap that will allow you to adjust the tightness of the backband.

Sweet! Home-made performance race seat.

Now how about those foot blocks?

It's easy. Just place the block under the bow of the boat and trace the template.

shave off a bit in the front so it will nest all the way down in the bow. Also be sure to cut a nice rounded shape for your feet to rest on.

Hand the rest of the foam to your friend so that he can outfit his brand new boat too!

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