Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DragoRossi Creek Boat features

just some of the features that make these boats different....

We'll start with the most exciting, and most obvious, the stern bulkhead system. This creates a super strong kayak, and eliminates the need for airbags, since the stern of the boat is sealed off.

access is provided by removing the tight neoprene skirt in the stern hatch

the skirt is, in turn, protected by an outer plastic cover, as thick as the boat's hull. this prevents the skirt from imploding or being scuffed up, ensuring a long-lasting, brand-new skirt seal

the grabloops are another point of interest. Notice the three attachement points on each grabloop
the metal "D" rings are super strong and make clipping in very easy. If one of these happens to break (It would take an incredible pin and many people on a Z drag to do it) then the other one is still attached, and you can try again. You have THREE chances with EACH grabloop, not just one


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