Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday night RAFT mission at Bullls Bridge

Absolutely THE perfect level for rafting. Bulls Bridge was just under 3' on the Flintstone gauge. The water is warm.

The usual suspects gathered at 5pm to figure out where to paddle. When they found out that Bulls was running, everyone got really excited! April had cheated us out of water (which is when most rafting missions happen) but lo and behold, warm weather, high water, and an available self-bailing raft with 7 able bodies. Hmmmmmm What ever shall we do?


In the pure excitement and joy, nobody remembered the camera. But, I'll give you a couple of quick ideas of what happened.

Pete guided the raft over the flume for a perfect hit. BAM! Face full of water and everyone laughing.

S-Turn, Pencil Sharpener? Piece of cake.

Great surfing down at George's hole. A few quick surfs without any swims. This crew was just too good for it's own good.

So, half took a break on the rocks, and four adventurous rafters went for a high performance surf. Much hard work, determination, and strong paddling landed them right in the middle of the meat. (only one of them stayed in the boat)

Afterwards, everyone met back at the store for an impromtu cookout, some music, and light hearted discussion (read: making fun of each other for falling out of the raft)

Oh, what new adventure will next Monday Night bring?


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