Thursday, June 29, 2006

unique t shirts available on line

cool whitewater canoe tshirts to celebrate your kayak, raft, canoe trip on the Housatonic River

available in a few different colored logos

men's and women's styled shirts!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

whitewater electricity on Monday Night

Monday night and everyone was excited for some rippin action at Swift's Bridge
many of the usual suspects were there to shred the wave, have fun and look cool

Top-dog shuttle driver extrordinaire Jason Foggyglasses dials in the wave in a once broken, now repaired EZG 50

Dean invents a new sport: sit-on-top decked boat surfing (that just CANT be comfortable...)
Chris really enjoying the Stinger. (it matches his eyes)

Lightning rolled in about 30 minutes into the surf session so everyone decided to get out of the water. Chris, being the last person out, nearly got struck. No injuries, but his face and thumbs were stuck this way for about an hour.....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thruster and Critical Mass are coming (DragoRossi)

DragoRossi Thruster and Critical Mass will arrive in August!!!

Clarke Outdoors will carry these boats. As a matter of fact. Clarke Outdoors will be the first dealer in the USA to get their hands on these hot new boats!

go to the addresses below to see some technical specs as well as some cool shots of these boats in action!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

surfing fun

a little evening surf with friends in whitewater boats. what else could you ask for on a Monday night?

DragoRossi, Pyranha, WaveSport, LiquidLogic, Dagger...... all friends on the wave

Whitewater Demo Kayaks

Wave Sport, Liquid Logic, Drago Rossi, Pyranha, Dagger, Jackson

all of us employees are supposed to put the demo boats back on the racks when we are done playing with them. But, we don't, and Jennifer reminds us how irresponsible we are. Can you blame us? We just get carried away having fun.
I'd like to invite you to come have fun with us. Call ahead and let us know which boats you like to try (so we can make sure that Chris or Devin doesn't "borrow" it)

Boat repair available

Canoe and Raft repair....

Everything wears out (especially if you are having lots of fun with your boat) and needs an occasional repair.
We not only sell Old Town and Mad River Canoes, but Mark is a wiz at fixing them.
(he also has been known to repair a raft or two...)

For every worn out boat there is at least one good story.
Call us and tell us about your story.

Tube Rental


When the water gets low (and warm), we rent tubes.
Have all the fun you want (but bring them back by closing time please)
Be careful out there!

Community Bulletin Board

Dagger, WaveSport, Liquid Logic, Perception, Riot, DragoRossi, Pyranha, Prijon, Jackson, Mad River, Old Town are just some of the brands that have sold right here on our bulletin board.

Post your message. Sell your boat and make money to get new gear.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Used boats

looking to sell that boat you don't want anymore?

Clarke Outdoors doesn't sell old boats.

But you are welcome to tell us about the boat you are trying to get rid of.

perhaps we know of someone who might buy it

you can even make a small flyer to hang outside, on our bulletin board

There are some boats up there right now.

As a matter of fact, one of the boats that was advertised on the wall sold this week!

One year old. Three years old. Super super old. It does not matter. There is potentially a customer for your boat.

Dust off the camera. Take some photos. Make a flyer and post it on our wall.

everybody loves t shirts

of course the shop staff all have at least one of these shirts,but many people are fooled into thinking that we have the biggest staff in the world. Imagine this. NO special staff shirts. NO "ha ha, we're better than you" attitude. Staff tshirts are shop tshirts are customer tshirts are local people tshirts. All the same coolness. All the people love them.

We've spotted Clarke Outdoors tshirts behind the counters of Baird's and West Cornwall Market.
C.O. shirts have been seen at Housatonic Vallley High School.
I spotted the moose shirt on the Kennebec, Deerfield, West, Potomac, Gauley and even the Upper Yough!

Monday night RAFT mission at Bullls Bridge

Absolutely THE perfect level for rafting. Bulls Bridge was just under 3' on the Flintstone gauge. The water is warm.

The usual suspects gathered at 5pm to figure out where to paddle. When they found out that Bulls was running, everyone got really excited! April had cheated us out of water (which is when most rafting missions happen) but lo and behold, warm weather, high water, and an available self-bailing raft with 7 able bodies. Hmmmmmm What ever shall we do?


In the pure excitement and joy, nobody remembered the camera. But, I'll give you a couple of quick ideas of what happened.

Pete guided the raft over the flume for a perfect hit. BAM! Face full of water and everyone laughing.

S-Turn, Pencil Sharpener? Piece of cake.

Great surfing down at George's hole. A few quick surfs without any swims. This crew was just too good for it's own good.

So, half took a break on the rocks, and four adventurous rafters went for a high performance surf. Much hard work, determination, and strong paddling landed them right in the middle of the meat. (only one of them stayed in the boat)

Afterwards, everyone met back at the store for an impromtu cookout, some music, and light hearted discussion (read: making fun of each other for falling out of the raft)

Oh, what new adventure will next Monday Night bring?

Hot Dogs for river hot shots!!!

I bet you didn't know that the shop has a Hot Dog cart in addition to the snacks and drinks that are sold inside....

But, I'm sure that you did know that hotdogs are yummy!

so are Tootsie Pops.

I like mine with just a bit of mustard on top

(the hotdog, not the lollipop....)

Plastic boat repair (welding)

All makes, all models, all brands of boats can and will be broken. We've seen all sorts of warranty issues from all the boat makers.

The good news is that, even after the warranty is expired, a boat can usually be repaired and have it's life extended (so you can start saving for a shiny new boat......)

the trick is to first make a good structural repair. It will be ugly, but at least it can get you out on the water.

After the initial repair cools, then the time to pile on the extra plastic begins. Keep piling it on, layer after layer, melting melting melting. Make an oversized glob of plastic.

The giant mess can now be carved down with a shurform shaver. you can recreate the chines and edges of your boat to make it look new again.

this EZG used to look absolutely horrible! Now it looks like it will last through most of the summer so that someone can have a little more time to earn money for a new boat (with a warranty)

Friday, June 02, 2006

great creeking practice

Bulls Bridge at 3/4' makes for some good creeking practice. You can boof the flume, deal with a sub mission at little niagra, and scrape lots of plastic off your boat on pencil sharpener

Thursday, June 01, 2006

kayak prices

Pyranha Stretch $999
Pyranha Seven-0 $1099
Pyranha 4Twenty $999
Pyranha G:3 275 $800

WaveSport Project $999
WaveSport EZG $999
WaveSport Z $599

LiquidLogic CR $999
LiquidLogic Vision $800
LiquidLogic BigWheel $750

Dagger RX $999

DragoRossi Pintail $899
DragoRossi Fish $899

*all prices subject to change