Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DragoRossi Creek Boat features

just some of the features that make these boats different....

We'll start with the most exciting, and most obvious, the stern bulkhead system. This creates a super strong kayak, and eliminates the need for airbags, since the stern of the boat is sealed off.

access is provided by removing the tight neoprene skirt in the stern hatch

the skirt is, in turn, protected by an outer plastic cover, as thick as the boat's hull. this prevents the skirt from imploding or being scuffed up, ensuring a long-lasting, brand-new skirt seal

the grabloops are another point of interest. Notice the three attachement points on each grabloop
the metal "D" rings are super strong and make clipping in very easy. If one of these happens to break (It would take an incredible pin and many people on a Z drag to do it) then the other one is still attached, and you can try again. You have THREE chances with EACH grabloop, not just one

The Last Monday Night of the year

The levels were great at both Georges and Swift's for the final meeting of the Monday Night Paddle Club.

Here is Devin braving the elements and ripping up the wave in a Squashtail.

The one and only EDGE windmilling to get onto that wave at Swifts in his Inferno. The level was good, and surfing was great once you dropped into the wave.

Just because Monday Night Club is over for they does not mean that everyone will be inside. the levels will come up again,and surely someone will be out there surfing. AND we can look forward to a good winter on the slopes with the knowledge tthat Monday Night will start up again in April.

See you all there!



Sunday, October 08, 2006

Official DragoRossi Demo Center

Drago Rossi Fish Squashtail Mafia Stinger Pintail Thruster Critical Mass Gangster
this was the first weekend of Clarke Outdoors as an official DragoRossi Demo Center

Here you see the Squashtail and Fish. Both are excellent surfing and cartwheeling boats. The SQUASHTAILl is an absolute surfing dream; the only boat of it's kind in the whitewater world. If surfing is your thing, then it is absolutely a boat you might want to consider.
The FISH just gets better and better the bigger the water gets. Both boats are for skilled paddlers who weigh between 125 - 180 lbs.

The PINTAILl is one of those boats for when you are feeling the need for speed. It's low deck make it easy to roll, and it's long, smooth rocker, make it a super fast boat that is very predictable and stable in all water conditions. Perfect for a beginner. Excellent for the expert. It babies you in big water and catches waves on the fly on your first try.
Great for paddlers from 100lbs to 200 lbs.

The STINGER is an all around spud boat that picks up where the Disco left off. More foot room than many spuds. Fogiving enough to allow the medium sized paddlers to use it both as a light creeker and a hard-core freestyle boat. Move over scud, the real spud is back,and designed by the people who brought the Disco revolution to the kayaking world.
The THRUSTER is a pure playboat for the larger paddlers who are saying, "finally, a boat designed just for me" No more lazily "scaled up" little guy boats. The Thruster was designed, from the start, with bigger paddlers in mind. Different sized people means different design challenges and revelations.

What can I say about the creekers? The MAFIA is a meticulously designed boat that has been seen thousands of hours in the Italian Alps. It really likes the steeps.
The CRITICAL MASS is both the boat for the big paddlers as well as one of the best expedition designs ever made.
The GANGSTER/IDRA is an entry level, less expensive DragoRossi boat that has a creeking heritage, but surfs rather well. It makes an exceptionally stable beginner boat that you will can grow in; from your first roll to your first class V.


Swap and Sale used boats

Wow! What a weekend so far! Many people brought boats for the swap and sale, and many more people went home smiling with new (or new to them) gear. All of the new whitewater boats were 20% off, and the used boats were super cheap. Here is a list of what is still available for Monday...

S:8 235 $500 ; seven0 m-l $450 ; S:6 200 $275 ; 4Twenty m-l $600

xxx $225 ; Pirouette $200 ; Cruise Control $100 ; Kinetic $250

Attak $250 ; Blade $400 ; Rip $300 ; Transition $150

Air55 $225 ; GForce 6.3 $200 ; Project52 $650 ; Stinger $500

some great deal some paddles ranging from $100 to $150

some of the used boats that are not photographed:
EZ $500
Animas $250
RX 6.9 $650
Burn L $700

future paddlers

here are a couple of photos of little ones who are almost destined to become paddlers in a few years

Jorey just loved sitting in all the boats. Looks like she is already feeling comfortable in a kayak.

River Bear was jumping all over the pile of tubes. I suspect that he'll be a top-notch freestyle boater one day. He is already getting lots of air without a boat.

Darryl brought Holly up for a visit too so that dad could admire the DragoRossi Thruster and she could sit in the Jackson Fun1

Friday, October 06, 2006

DragoRossi boats have arrived!

this was the scene at the shop on Thursday as a container full of boats pulled in shortly before 10am.
What excitement!
It was like opening the ultimate present.

then we got down to sorting them out by color and model; pouring over the purchase orders, and making sure that each boat had a proper home

3 boats left immediately
8 boats were unwrapped to help us fullfill our duties as an official DragoRossi demo center
about 6 boats are left for stock while the rest are already sold and ready to ship to customers

take a good look at the entire line of DragoRossi boats.
These are our demo boats, available for you when you feel the urge to get one of these for yourself.
When you think that a DragoRossi boat would be a fun thing for you to try, then you'll want to give us a call to arrange a demo.
860 672 6365

don't forget the t-shirts

this weekend is the big sale

someone found this brand new shirt.
Who wants it?

leftover DragoRossi logo t shirts (ladies cut and sizes) are hanging on the wall for sale
right next to the ever popular Clarke Outdoors shirts